Managing Your Health Care Your Way

Advance directives are legal documents to assist you in making health care decisions in advance. The purpose is to let others know about and honor your wishes if you can't speak for yourself, whether due to an accident, medical event or towards the end of life. Advance directives include living wills, medical powers of attorney and pre-hospital medical directives. 

The Arizona Attorney General's office provides a life-care planning packet based on Arizona laws that individuals can use to set down their advanced directives. Once these forms are completed, they can be registered with the Arizona Secretary of State.

Do you know what kind of medical care you would receive if you couldn’t speak for yourself because of a vehicle accident, stroke or unexpected surgery? If it matters to you, join us to learn why advance-care planning is so important for you and all your family members. Make sure you are the one making these decisions by choosing a health care power of attorney and completing advance directives.  

Don't put it off any longer. At TMC, we want YOUR health care to always be in YOUR control.

To help you make these important decisions, we provide:

  • Quarterly lectures on advance care planning
  • Advance care planning consultations with an experienced volunteer
  • Free advance care planning legal forms at TMC for Seniors, 1400 N. Wilmot on the El Dorado Health Campus.

To make an appointment with an ACP volunteer call (520) 324-1960.

Additional links

Arizona Attorney General's Life Care Planning Packet forms include medical advance directive forms based on Arizona statutes.

Arizona Advance Directive Registry is a database for the storage of advance directives (living will, medical power of attorney and mental health power of attorney). The Arizona Secretary of State oversees registry filings, its security and operations.