Recognized for excellence in cardiac care

The excellence of the TMC CardioVascular Center is a result of having every aspect of our cardiovascular team in place and working at the highest level. Expert staff, state-of-the-art equipment, exceptional physicians and the ability to serve patients in all stages of cardiac disease. 

Accredited Chest Pain Center

ChestPain.jpgTucson Medical Center has earned accreditation as a Chest Pain Center following a comprehensive process conducted by the Society of Chest Pain Centers.

The Society of Chest Pain Centers' accreditation process evaluates facilities across the country to ensure that these centers meet or exceed quality-of-care measures based on improving the process for the care of the patient with acute-coronary syndrome.

With the current status, patients at TMC can be confident that they will be treated according to best-practice guidelines from American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association.

In addition, staff members receive education on signs and symptoms of heart disease, and the resources TMC has to treat patients emergently with chest pain. For TMC, winning the accreditation for its chest pain center took synchronized work by EMTs, emergency room physicians, cardiologists, nurses, pharmacists and hospital administrators.

Did You Know?

Tucson Medical Center is the only hospital in Arizona and one of only 175 medical centers in the world with a state-of-the-art stereotactic electrophysiology suite, in which physicians can detect and robotically correct irregular heartbeats, also called arrhythmias.