The diagnosis of cervical cancer is sometimes easily confused with other pre-cancerous cervical changes. The integrated cancer specialty teams at Tucson Medical Center treat cervical cancer when it has been found to be invasive. We focus on collectively sharing diagnostic imaging and pathology to plan for treatment that may include surgery, other curative modalities or a combination. Important aspects of cervical cancer include:

  • Rapid diagnosis and staging to help plan for appropriate intervention.
  • Coordination in planning treatment that will give the most important information in the least amount of time. This usually consists of imaging, possible biopsies and consultations among the members of the health care team to plan for care.
  • Supportive care is available to the patient through our nurse navigators. Questions can be answered. In-depth education can be made available. Physical, emotional and spiritual concerns can be addressed.

Advanced Treatments;

  • Laparoscopic surgery using minimally-invasive techniques
  • Genetic testing tailored to the patient's needs and those of extended family
  • Clinical trials and up-to-date immunotherapy approaches wherever appropriate
  • Frequent team meetings to discuss patients at risk and design treatment strategies based on the input of all specialists.

Why TMC?

  • Caring specialists who have dedicated their profession in pursuit of the best outcomes for all women needing cancer treatment for this type of cancer
  • Multidisciplinary members working together to create the very best outcomes
  • Frequent monitoring of progress
  • Close relationship with the Mayo Clinic for consultation and treatment when necessary