Minimizing scarring without compromising breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer surgery can save a woman’s life. With new advances, surgery doesn’t necessarily mean leaving scars behind that serve as a visible reminder of cancer. Tucson Medical Center is a Hidden Scar Center, with demonstrated expertise in surgical techniques that minimize scarring while retaining effective results.

Through Hidden Scar, surgeons make incisions in a location that’s harder to see so the scar is less visible. Advanced tools and technology make it easier for surgeons to make small incisions and reduce the risk of complications, all while keeping as much healthy breast tissue as possible.

Scars do matter for some women and can impact clothing choices, self-confidence, self-esteem, intimacy and other important factors of daily life.

“Through Hidden Scar techniques, women can have surgical treatment that not only offers the best clinical outcomes, but provides the best aesthetic outcome as well,” said breast surgical oncologist Michele Boyce Ley, the medical director of the TMC Breast Health Program.

Another option to consider is whether a nipple-sparing mastectomy might be appropriate given that the technology helps preserve of the nipple for a more natural appearance after mastectomy.

Because every cancer is different, it’s important to discuss options with your physician and surgeon, based on the size and location of the tumor. Click to find a surgeon trained in Hidden Scar.