The top floor of the tower has 40 private patient suites, including two bariatric suites, and a physical therapy gym designed to care for you after orthopaedic surgery. Patient rooms are laid out with the orthopaedic patient in mind, including in terms of safety, comfort and the comfort of family.

Our expert staff of nurses and techs will work with you throughout your stay to manage pain and get you up and moving around as soon as possible. 

LarryChellevold.jpg“I had a beautiful view of the Catalina Mountains from my room. The room was magnificent. Everything was first-class. I loved that I had my own private room, and I couldn’t believe how quiet it was for being a hospital. I was surprised at how well I slept there after my surgery. It’s been a wonderful recovery and my knee now feels incredible.”

 – Larry Chellevold, 
    total knee replacement patient