We deliver family-oriented, specialized obstetric and newborn care to support you and your family throughout your pregnancy and birthing experience. At Tucson Medical Center you are assured of the availability of a team of specialists and staff, all extensively trained in caring for mom and baby. Accredited by the Arizona Perinatal Trust, we have professionals available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, who specialize in high-risk pregnancy and deliveries. On-site specialists include perinatologists who are experts in maternal-fetal medicine, dedicated Labor and Delivery anesthesiologists, midwives and neonatologists who can care for any baby who needs extra assistance in TMC’s nationally renowned Newborn Intensive Care Unit, or NICU

Labor and Delivery

Our Labor and Delivery's private spacious rooms are furnished to provide a peaceful setting and with all you need for a safe, comfortable delivery. Your personalized birth plan is encouraged and welcomed. TMC’s expert Labor and Delivery team works with you to ensure your needs are met during this exciting time.

All TMC Labor and Delivery nurses are trained in high-risk conditions and respond along with their medical colleagues to care for moms and babies during any circumstances that might arise. 

To pre-register for Labor & Deliver, please call (520) 324-2785. Click here to register for childbirth education.

All Private Postpartum Rooms

New moms can experience the luxury of our private rooms in the Mother/Baby unit. Embraced by the beautiful décor of larger rooms that can accommodate a growing family, moms will enjoy the warm, comfortable and quiet atmosphere that allows the bonding process to continue.  One nurse will care for both mom and baby during each shift of the hospital stay.

A yearning for closeness is a natural instinct, and a physical and emotional need shared by mom and her baby. Babies are encouraged to “room in” with mom during the hospital stay. Studies support this best practice for baby and family.  As part of rooming-in, expert breastfeeding consultations and newborn-care education are delivered at the bedside by TMC’s caring and supportive staff.

Total Couplet Care

Total couplet care means that mothers and babies remain together throughout their hospital stay. This includes the time immediately after birth, called "The Golden Hour." That first hour of bonding time is important, and TMC strives to provide this experience. Immediately after delivery, if both mom and baby are healthy, your baby will be placed directly skin-to-skin with you. To make this possible, many routine procedures that used to be done immediately after delivery are now done in the second hour of your baby's life.