Ovarian cancer often catches women off guard. It is silent until diagnosed.  It is especially important to have a treatment team that understands the need for sound medical management in a timely fashion. Tucson Medical Center is able to meet that challenge. There are multiple factors in getting treatment in place.

  • Genetic counseling to see if a gene mutation may have a part to play in the cancer's initial occurrence, helping to guide the team's treatment plan
  • Diagnostic imaging that will build factual information to assist in medical management
  • Accurate and timely response to pathology following biopsy
  • Accurate lab testing with quick resulting and turnaround for pending cancer-related testing
  • Ultrasound in the TMC for Women Imaging Center geared toward focusing on specific issues
  • The continuous sharing and planning for treatment that ties treatment together

Your medical team is made up of surgeons specializing in gynecologic oncology, medical oncologists most commonly associated with ovarian cancer treatment, as well as radiologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, a nurse navigator and palliative care specialist. 

Advanced Treatments;

  • Laparoscopic surgery using minimally invasive techniques
  • Genetic testing tailored to a patient's needs and those of extended family
  • Clinical trials and up-to-date Immunotherapy approaches whenever appropriate
  • Frequent team meetings to discuss patients and design outcomes based on the input of all specialists.

Why TMC?

  • Caring specialists who have dedicated their professional life toward the pursuit of the best outcomes for all women needing cancer treatment for this ovarian cancer
  • Multidisciplinary members working together to create the very best outcomes
  • Frequent monitoring of progress
  • Close relationship with the Mayo Clinic for consultation and treatment when necessary