Soft-tissue cancer (sarcomas) can be either the primary onset site, or due to a secondary metastasis of another cancer. Tucson Medical Center provides comprehensive and cohesive teamwork from the best train doctors and staff ready and waiting to respond to the individuals need.

At Tucson Medical Center your personal team of experts, including oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, orthopedic specialists and a highly trained support staff are available to consider all aspects of your health and treatment needs. 

  • The response to your diagnosis will begin at the time of diagnosis. The team’s response begins then and there.
  • Your specialized team will communicate continuously, creating a high level of reliable outcomes in your cancer treatment.
  • Tucson Medical Center has been serving the community’s cancer care needs for more than 50 years. The close association with Arizona’s Mayo Clinic has been a source of extended and valued relationships in patient care.
  • Our oncology team works together, while helping patients and families better cope by providing up-to-date information and treatment planning.
  • Your team consists of physicians and support staff specially trained in diagnostics, surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology.

A Wide Support Network

  • Tucson Medical Center support network reaches far and wide throughout Arizona. Agencies such as Radiology Ltd., Tucson Pathology Associates and Simon Med are there to serve those in outlying communities as well as having many locations the Tucson Area.
  • Advanced clinical trials are in place through Arizona Oncology and Mayo Clinic referrals.