Bereavement Services

Grief is a natural reaction to loss, and one that each of us experiences differently. We offer bereavement care, sometimes called grief care, in ways that fit each person's values, beliefs and culture. We provide bereavement counseling through support groups and workshops, visits, phone calls and regular mailings of self-help materials.

Our bereavement specialists can help you understand and work through your feelings by:

  • Providing general information about grief and loss
  • Answering questions and helping you find your own answers
  • Listening to your stories with all the mixed emotions you may be feeling
  • Being a caring and reassuring presence

Click for a listing of community bereavement resources, including support groups available in Tucson and surrounding communities.

Click for a listing of Southern Arizona mortuaries and cemeteries.

Click for a bibliography of books on grief.

In addition to facilitating regular support groups and individual counseling to adults and children, bereavement specialists also provide special memorial services for families, staff and volunteers, and can offer referrals to families for specialized services in the community as needed.

Complementary Therapies

Through the generous support of the TMC Foundation and its donors, TMC Hospice is able to offer many complementary therapies, which are not covered by Medicare or insurance. In order to provide a more comfortable ending, TMC Hospice offers these therapies in addition to the best 21st century medical practices available. Complementary therapies that comfort many of our patients include:

  • Pet Therapy
  • Relaxation Therapies
  • Music Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Reflexology


Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is an integral component in the holistic care concept of hospice. Some of the primary concerns of a dying patient are spiritual questions related to sense of purpose, the meaning of life, self-image and hope for the future. The knowledge that we will die soon demands that we explore our beliefs.
TMC Hospice respects a patient's spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences. A spiritual counselor is available to provide spiritual support and guidance, and can also help coordinate spiritual care with local religious leaders. The spiritual counselor can help patients and family members deal with feelings of fear, anger, frustration and grief.

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