TMC Urologic Diagnostic Center can help with the diagnosis of people with loss of bladder control and other urologic problems.

A physical exam by a health care provider, including medical history and a daily diary, are the first steps in diagnosing a urinary problem. If further testing is needed, our center is equipped to perform tests to determine the functioning of the urinary tract, including bladder pressures, rates of urine flow, and bladder capacities. These tests include:

  • Uroflow— measures the rate of urine flow, identifying how well the bladder is functioning.
  • Cystometrogram — a small thin tube called a catheter is inserted into the urethra and bladder in order to measure and record bladder pressure. A small rectal catheter to record abdominal pressure is also required.
  • Urodynamic testing for children — urologic procedures for children under 10 years old with use of mild sedatives or general anesthesia.

Our professional staff includes medical direction provided by a board-certified physician in urology with many years of experience in diagnosis and treatment of urology concerns and specially trained nurses who administer the urologic testing.

TMC accepts a wide variety of health-insurance plans. Most exams require pre-authorization at the time of scheduling, so please check insurance coverage to be certain that pre-authorization has been obtained. A physician order is necessary for testing and treatment.

For questions about urodynamic testing, call (520) 324-2550.