Volunteer Services staff reviews all volunteer assessments and contacts possible applicants to schedule face-to-face interviews. During the interview, applicants are matched with current volunteer openings and given documents to complete including an application, background query and confidentiality agreement. Next is to check immunization records and schedule a tuberculosis skin test. If immunization records are not available, applicants must be willing to be immunized if a blood draw determines it necessary. TMC Employee Health gathers this information and administers the tests free of charge to committed volunteers.

Volunteers are also asked to attend an orientation, rich with key information for new TMC volunteers. Orientation is offered once a month. Prior to beginning training, volunteers must also purchase a uniform shirt and acquire a TMC badge.

New volunteers typically train with an experienced volunteer in the area of placement. Training ranges from one shift to multiple trainings, depending on the volunteer and work area. Once volunteers are adequately trained, they begin work in their assigned shift time. Most shifts are four to five hours, once a week. The onboarding process can take a few weeks to more than a month depending on the applicant’s availability for interview, orientation and training.